Friday, March 25, 2011

#1 - Ten Matches Every Fan Should Have Watched - Part 1

1. Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage - WrestleMania 3
2. Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant - WrestleMania 3

You cannot call yourself a wrestling fan if you have not watched WrestleMania 3 from start to finish. It's the most historic event in wrestling history just for setting the all time North American pro wrestling attendance record that also gave us the most hyped match in history and the best worked storyline in wrestling history. As many critics have stated, Hogan - Andre sold the show but Steamboat - Savage stole it! Personally, I love both matches for very different reasons. Hogan - Andre never needed any story to build this match. The Hogan-Andre storyline just did not have the depth that Steamboat - Savage. I think Hogan - Andre would have drawn 93,173 people just on name recognition and the fan’s curiosity on if Hogan could beat the Giant. However, Steamboat-Savage feud was masterfully done, here's an outline ... 

  • The throat injury storyline, beginning in November 1986 with a TV match 
  • Steamboat's "rumored" retirement and vignettes with his doctors in December 
  • His TV return on Saturday Night's Main Event in January during a George Steele-Savage title match
  • Two months of straight build to their meeting in the Silverdome.

    I think Steamboat and Savage was on par in terms of selling that WrestleMania as Hogan - Andre, in my opinion.

3. Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect - SummerSlam 1991

In my 20 years of watching professional wrestling, this is the match I have re-watched the most! This event is historic and important to WWF history because it was the beginning of Bret Hart's singles push in the WWF. As for the match, it was pretty basic in terms of story-telling and in-ring action. They didn't do anything too flashy yet the match was so exciting thanks to both Hennig and Hart’s storytelling ability. As I got older and read articles from this era, it was amazing to find out how injured the back of Curt Hennig was during this match. I recommend this match to anybody who wants to see wrestling at its finest!

4. Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter - WrestleMania 7

While this match may not have be on your all-time greatest matches lists, it’s because I am biased in this selection. 1991 was my first year that I saw wrestling and fell in love with the business. The story goes that I was sitting in the playpen and my aunt was flicking channels and passed the Canadian version of Superstars known as Maple Leaf Wrestling. I instantly was drawn to it, and my one true love was born, my love for wrestling, a phase my mom thought would end that is in its 20th year this year! Anyway, this match is textbook for the emotion it evokes. The fact former beloved patriot Sgt. Slaughter turned on America and sided with Iraq during Desert Storm and that the "Real American" hero Hulk Hogan was now going to take him down. You watch this match and tell me that it wasn't the most emotional you've ever seen a wrestling crowd get? It just doesn’t get any better than this match.

5. Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair - WrestleWar 1989

No decision on this list was tougher than this pick. Having to choose their best match from the 1989 series was like choosing which Metallica song to listen to from their 1991 "Black Album". 40 Minutes of the purest form of professional wrestling you will ever find. All three matches was great but this one just edges them out for me. Back and forth, Flair on top, followed by Steamboat. It was just amazing to sit down and watch that match and just be amazed. Again, like Perfect-Hart, they didn't do anything flashy, they held the fans in the palm of their hands and entertain us. Steamboat-Flair was like Spagahetti and Meatballs, just goes together so well!

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