Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#27 - My original idea for Hell In A Cell

I wrote this as a Facebook message to my friends about two weeks before Night of Champions and this was going to be my fantasy story for the Hell In A Cell pay per view. I haven't been as active as I should be on this blog so I figured I should at least share this idea with you and see what you thought of my idea? Comments are welcomed as I would love to debate! Enjoy! Here's to hoping this ends up in front of anyone in the wrestling business and they tell me I might have a good idea! 

The Fallout of Night of Champions ...

CM Punk barely retains the WWE championship against John Cena with some tricks! CM Punk comes out to declare that he is the best in the world ... only to be interrupted by ... KOFI KINGSTON! Kofi comes out to cut a promo to his FRIEND CM PUNK talking about how Punk has changed since RAW 1000. He talks about the Punk DVD having footage of the two hanging out, even playing video games together. Kofi has the last word on Punk which leads to Punk attacking Kofi with the save coming from John Cena. 

AJ Lee announces that the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title will be determined that night in a singles match between Kofi and John Cena

CM Punk comes out to sit ringside with the fans for this battle ... John Cena has Kofi in the STF when suddenly the bell rings ... Punk is the one who rang the bell ala Brian Pillman during the Austin-Taker Match at IYH15 (May 1997) ... Cena relinquishes the hold thinking he had won only and is distracted. When he notices that it was Punk was the one who rang the bell, he turns back to Kofi who hits him with the trouble in paradise for the WIN! 

The next week, we see Cena cut a in ring promo with Kofi stating that while he don't agree with the way Kofi won, he RESPECTS Kofi more than Punk, puts him over and says that he will be involved in the match at Hell In A Cell! 

Enters AJ Lee announcing that she will not tolerate Cena interfering in the title match which is why it will be contested inside Hell In A Cell, to keep Cena from being involved!

In the weeks leading up to Hell In A Cell, we are shown the clips from Punk's DVD with both Kofi and Punk hanging out (which would help sell the DVD which comes out during this buildup), Kofi attempting to save Punk from being punted by Randy Orton back at Unforgiven 2008 costing Punk a World Title, Kofi and Punk winning the tag titles! etc. We also see Punk attack Kofi at every chance, feeling that Kofi is a serious threat to his record title run! 

Can you imagine what Kofi could do inside the Cell? With his best friend in the business... for the WWE Title? 

From this angle, 
  • we get a break from Cena going for the title, keeping things fresh
  • a renewed interest in Kofi Kingston as a main eventer
  • a reason why the Hell in a Cell is being used in this match
  • Punk continuing his heelish ways
  • keeps Punk - Cena for Survivor Series if that's the way they are headed

#26 - Giving TNA/Impact Wrestling A Fair Compliment

I have re watched this segment a few times and started to realize something ... TNA has been running the same general story line for almost three years now 
  • January 4, 2010 - Hogan and Bischoff come to TNA
  • June 2010 - the They story line begins with Abyss
  • October 2010 - They are revealed, Jeff Hardy Heel Turn, Hogan and Bischoff turn heel, take control of TNA, forms Immortal
  • November 2010 - Dixie Carter puts an injunction on Immortal, Turning Point PPV main event also sees Garrett Bischoff debut as referee Jackson James
  • March 2011 - Dixie Carter loses court hearing and Hogan gains full control of TNA, Sting returns to battle Immortal and take back TNA, wins world title
  • October 2011 - Hogan vs Sting, Sting gains control of TNA back for Dixie, Hogan turns face to save Sting from Immortal beat downintroduction of Garrett Bischoff
  • January 2012 - Hulk returns as the trainer of Garrett Bischoff
  • April 2012 - Team Garrett beats Team Eric in lethal lock down to banish Eric Bischoff from TNA
  • June 2012 - After Sting is chosen to go into the hall of fame, Aces & Eights debut attacking Sting, targets Hulk Hogan as well
  • September 2012 - Garrett Bischoff is told by Hulk Hogan than he is not ready for a TV title match, looks pissed at Hogan
  • October 2012 - The promo I have above ... almost a guarantee Bischoff is involved! It could be a swerve but I think the evidence adds up! 

If this is the direction that Impact Wrestling is heading for, I have to be honest and say I will be impressed. Internet fans will dismiss this as a rehash of the same story but I am going to give them credit. When a TV show moves from season to season, the villains usually stay the same or return back into the show's story. I am a Breaking Bad fan and a character example of this theory is Hector Salamanca (the older gentleman who only communicates by using a bell, for those readers who are unaware or unfamiliar with character names). He returns in each season's story in some form ... With Bischoff's obvious television experience and past track record that he treats wrestling like the episodic television it competes with, this story makes sense and has had longevity. As wrestling fans, we are used to short payoffs but this hopefully will pay off eventually. The only issue ... you can't kill someone off in pro wrestling ... what will be the pay off? We may not know for a long time yet ... 

Monday, June 25, 2012

#25 - When Legends Make Bad Decisions ...

... wow! I first heard this on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast (which I should really write a blog about because it's worth the listen!) ... here we have Kamala ... singing a r&b song on his shoot feelings towards the professional wrestling business ... this is odd on so many levels but too good not to share ...

#24 - Why I enjoy Chikara's brand of Pro Wrestling

... because it's good old fashion fun in professional wrestling! It's not meant to be taken 100% serious and you can tell the wrestlers are enjoying it as much as the fans! This video is from the Chikara event "It's How You Play The Game" in March 2012! These two wrestlers here, Chuck Taylor and Archibald Peck are two of my reasons for watching Chikara! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

#23 - No Way Out 2012

Well ... it was about this time last year that I wrote a blog outlining what I would want to see done after June's Capitol Punishment PPV. I am looking back at that blog and am happy to see that three of my five suggestions have happened over the last year. While the Punk-Mysterio match at Capitol Punishment wasn't to determine the no.1 contender to the WWE championship, they were involved in a triple threat with Alberto Del Rio within a week to determine the top contender. I predicted Punk would be the title challenger only because I thought that was their way of writing Punk off at Money In The Bank ... well, I was right and wrong on that one! What followed was "the shoot heard around the world" in Las Vegas and the story arc that persisted in the WWE right until December! I suggested that AJ and Kelly Kelly would become the faces of the Diva Division. Predicting Kelly Kelly to be the face of the Divas was as obvious as saying we are getting fog in Newfoundland one day out of a week! But AJ, while she may not have become the face of the divas, she is currently the only diva with a prominent spot on Monday Night RAW and her character has gotten over because of her cuteness which supplements the crazy chick angle they are doing with her. First of all, kudos to WWE for doing the crazy chick angle with AJ! We may have seen a variation of this with Victoria back in 2002 but nothing like this character! It has provided the WWE with great television leading into last night's PPV! I will outline my thoughts for the AJ character later on in this blog. The final suggestion I had was Zack Ryder ... he has been up and down so much over the last year but at least it's something! He hasn't been completely neglected to being Superstar's best kept secret!! Instead of making a top five changes I would like to see, I am going to review last night's PPV and give you my opinion of how I would take each angle.
Triple H is advertised to appear

Triple H's promo last night is the reason why we need Vince back as the highest honor and power in World Wrestling Entertainment! He verbally cut Lesnar for being a quitter and it sounded like he was purposely throwing verbal jabs at Lesnar, showing the legitimate heat between the two. Triple H should be less worried about his personal feelings and be building Lesnar as a threat. He should be talking about Lesnar as a monster, as one of his toughest obstacles, and as a legitimate tough guy! I feel this way because if Triple H is going over at SummerSlam, wouldn't it look better if he beat the monster Brock Lesnar than the quitter Brock Lesnar. The more you build up the opponent ... The more meaning it has when you beat them
John Cena vs. Big Show – Steel Cage Match

I wouldn't have changed anything about this match and angle! I am curious of where the angle leads tonight on RAW. Where does this Big Johnny? Unemployed? Do they publicly acknowledge that Triple H is now taking care of Talent Relations? Where does this leave the Big Show? Where does this leave John Cena? Will Vince McMahon return as the ruler of WWE? ... after watching last week's RAW ... I certainly hope so! His unscripted ride on the scooter was hilarious and made the angle so much better. Why? Because it evoked real emotions and reactions! Sheamus broke character and started to laugh! You could tell he wasn't told how to react, it was Sheamus being Sheamus ... the way all characters should be! Vince needs to be the main guy ... with the so-called "reality era" we have entered in professional wrestling, fans know Vince is in charge and we are not going to accept any other authority! Vince may not like being on TV at his age but he is one of WWE's greatest resources ... All I want to know ... is if we can get him into the WWE Studio to do the voiceover for the SummerSlam intro "IT'S TIME FOR SUMMMERSLAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"
World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
Alright ... here is what I would have done last night. I would have maintained the same match they had last night because it was good! However, I would have used a dusty finish. Ziggler uses the tights or Vickie pushing Sheamus' leg off the rope so the referee doesn't see it ... something! I would have had Ziggler celebrating with the title right to the Entrance Stage ... Where I would have had Vince McMahon come out and demand Ziggler to return to the ring and the match to restart!!! Sheamus could pick up the win with the Brogue Kick after the restart. Instantly, you do not hurt Sheamus while increasing the stock of Ziggler! We get a shocking moment to start the pay per view AND we re-establish Vince as being the most powerful man in World Wrestling Entertainment! It would have been great!

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – Triple Threat Match
As for this match, I really thought we were going to see a title change ... I just read that Bryan was considered again to walk out champion but obviously ... he wasn't! I guess Punk will be receiving the new title belt on the 100th ... I mean 1000th Episode of RAW. That would have been my only change! As for AJ ... I think we need AJ doing double duty in terms of storylines. I would like to see her and Layla fighting over the Diva's championship while maintaining her role in the WWE Title picture! Maybe we can see Layla and Punk talking backstage which leads to AJ being jealous, maybe Bryan hitting on Layla (Once you go Bryan, you stop tryin'!) and AJ getting jealous! There are a couple ways they can mesh the stories! AJ's logic being that if she wins the title, Punk or Bryan will be proud of her and she would bring it to them kind of like a sad dog would bring a bone back to the owner. It's hard using that analogy because AJ is far from a dog but you understand! Instantly, we have a feud that can lead to mixed tags on RAW, fresh character interactions, a renewed interest in the diva's division, and could even add some female equality to the WWE that they can tout! With one or two simple segments, we may have two good stories on Monday Nights for the time of one! ... you can't disagree with that!

Intercontinental Champion Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

Great wrestling ... it's what the Intercontinental Title was built upon ... I don't see any problem seeing these matches more often
Divas Champion Layla vs. Beth Phoenix
See WWE Championship Match ...
United States Champion Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez – Tuxedo Match

I am not even reviewing this ... shouldn't have been on pay per view ... end of discussion! Not when we have new talents like Damien Sandow who could have benefited from the pay per view time!
Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

Brodus lost some of his cool ... like we saw in the main event between Cena and Big Show ... could have established his anger early in the night for getting dq'ed against Otunga or Otunga getting dq'ed (Jesus, I am getting hungry for a Ultimate Burger right about now) and Brodus going crazy. This is what needed to be done!

In closing, thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Please comment and let me know your opinions! For my friends, we can discuss it anytime! I'm out!