Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#27 - My original idea for Hell In A Cell

I wrote this as a Facebook message to my friends about two weeks before Night of Champions and this was going to be my fantasy story for the Hell In A Cell pay per view. I haven't been as active as I should be on this blog so I figured I should at least share this idea with you and see what you thought of my idea? Comments are welcomed as I would love to debate! Enjoy! Here's to hoping this ends up in front of anyone in the wrestling business and they tell me I might have a good idea! 

The Fallout of Night of Champions ...

CM Punk barely retains the WWE championship against John Cena with some tricks! CM Punk comes out to declare that he is the best in the world ... only to be interrupted by ... KOFI KINGSTON! Kofi comes out to cut a promo to his FRIEND CM PUNK talking about how Punk has changed since RAW 1000. He talks about the Punk DVD having footage of the two hanging out, even playing video games together. Kofi has the last word on Punk which leads to Punk attacking Kofi with the save coming from John Cena. 

AJ Lee announces that the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title will be determined that night in a singles match between Kofi and John Cena

CM Punk comes out to sit ringside with the fans for this battle ... John Cena has Kofi in the STF when suddenly the bell rings ... Punk is the one who rang the bell ala Brian Pillman during the Austin-Taker Match at IYH15 (May 1997) ... Cena relinquishes the hold thinking he had won only and is distracted. When he notices that it was Punk was the one who rang the bell, he turns back to Kofi who hits him with the trouble in paradise for the WIN! 

The next week, we see Cena cut a in ring promo with Kofi stating that while he don't agree with the way Kofi won, he RESPECTS Kofi more than Punk, puts him over and says that he will be involved in the match at Hell In A Cell! 

Enters AJ Lee announcing that she will not tolerate Cena interfering in the title match which is why it will be contested inside Hell In A Cell, to keep Cena from being involved!

In the weeks leading up to Hell In A Cell, we are shown the clips from Punk's DVD with both Kofi and Punk hanging out (which would help sell the DVD which comes out during this buildup), Kofi attempting to save Punk from being punted by Randy Orton back at Unforgiven 2008 costing Punk a World Title, Kofi and Punk winning the tag titles! etc. We also see Punk attack Kofi at every chance, feeling that Kofi is a serious threat to his record title run! 

Can you imagine what Kofi could do inside the Cell? With his best friend in the business... for the WWE Title? 

From this angle, 
  • we get a break from Cena going for the title, keeping things fresh
  • a renewed interest in Kofi Kingston as a main eventer
  • a reason why the Hell in a Cell is being used in this match
  • Punk continuing his heelish ways
  • keeps Punk - Cena for Survivor Series if that's the way they are headed

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