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#17 - Greatest Line in the History of Pro Wrestling

At 4:30, Ric Flair may have created the greatest quote in the history of professional wrestling. Whooooooooooooooooo!

#16 - 5 Coliseum Videos You Should Watch!

I am an avid DVD/VHS collector! I probably spend at least $250 a year in WWE DVD's. Every release that peaks my interest, I buy! If I don't know if they are worthy to buy, I download it and then decide. I watch everything. One thing I am very proud of is my collection of Coliseum Home Videos. For years, I have searched St. John's to find people selling these rare gems. I had a nice collection built but it really took off in 2007 in terms of old school Coliseum Videos.

Our local video store in Bonavista was took over in recent years by the owner's son who changed business models to focus more on computer repair and sales. So this left me waiting for years to get a chance at buying the tapes I had rented so many times as a child. I was actually driving home from work one day and passed the store, Like a sixth sense, I saw a basket outside their store with a recognizable logo on the basket's contents ... They were finally selling off their wrestling tapes!!! With the skill of Stone Cold Steve Austin, I threw my pickup into reverse and pulled into the store's parking lot like a maniac.

The contents was magical ... the first ever Survivor Series, WrestleMania's, Royal Rumbles, and those classic compilation tapes Coliseum Video released. They even had many WCW releases from 1994-1995! I was like a kid in the candy store. I picked up Halloween Havoc 1994 (great card and a tape I watched many of times) and the first Survivor Series (for its historical significance and because I hadn't seen that event in ages)

I can say this much, thank God I was working because every time I had cash in my pocket, I was back at that store building my collection. With a few exceptions, I had my pick of the tapes and I loved it. The VCR will never die in my house because of these great tapes!

Sure, you can download these tapes now off your local torrent site, but there's something extra about picking the tape out of your collection and putting it into the VCR. So that is why I am going to give you five "Coliseum Videos" you should go out of your way to watch and why!
Hope you guys enjoy, have had the chance to watch these releases and hope to hear some comments!

5) Grudges, Gripes and Grunts

A great tape for the era it came from. 1993 was a transitional period in the WWF. Stars leaving and stars debuting seemed to be happening on a regular basis. This tape, until the Macho Man DVD was released in 2009, was the only place to get a superb tag team match... HBK and Ric Flair vs Macho Man and Bret Hart. Also for the Hogan marks, we receive a rare match in the Mega Maniacs (Beefcake and Hogan) in a "tune up match for WrestleMania 9" facing the Beverly Brothers. While it was not a mat classic, it is still cool to see Hogan working with other talents. Also we are given the gem of "Wrestling Lessons with the Steiners". A fun tape to watch, with Macho Man hosting as well

4) WWF World Tour (1989-1990)

Now this tape is fun to watch! We get Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man from Paris, France , Ultimate Warrior vs Ted DiBiase for the WWF Title from Japan (with a rare home video appearance by Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura on commentary) AND a Rougeaus - Rockers match also from Paris. This tape is great for the rarity of the matches as I think the only one re-released by the WWE may have been Warrior and DiBiase, which I think is on WWE Classics Online.

3) The Hart Foundation (1987)

I bought this tape because it was in tremendous shape and in fact, became the oldest tape I own! As I watched this tape, I was greeted with quality match after quality match. I also have something that no other WWE DVD boasts ... The Harts winning their first tag titles! This tape shows us an in depth analysis of the first few months the Harts were champions and their tag team run, which is great to look back on now. This tape also shows Mean Gene visiting the Hart Foundation offices which is hilarious! I recommend this tape to any fan of Bret Hart or that era of pro wrestling. You won't be disappointed!

2) SuperTape (1990)

During the 1980s, the WWF were releasing a series called the Best of the WWF and had numbered them by Volumes. In an effort to only make the name sound better, they started the SuperTape series that went two years. The first volume of this tape was great and had everything you'd look for!
  • The tape opens with a hard hitting match between Ronnie Garvin and Mr. Perfect
  • Followed by some comedy with Mean Gene trying to find the home of the Bushwhackers and a profile on that tag team * You've probably seen portions of these segments as Gene dresses up like a Bushwhacker which is quite funny
  • A Bobby Heenan profile
  • More great wrestling between Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts
  • A rare gem between Tito Santana and Rick Rude
To close things off, we have the only release of the No Holds Barred tag team Steel Cage return match ... Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake vs Macho Man and Zeus which in my books, isn't a bad match! This tape has great highlights and is another recommendation if you can find a copy either on VHS or on a torrent site


If you are not a Hogan mark, you will not like this choice. In my opinion, this tape was what a Coliseum Video profile should be! We are treated to ... 
  • Rare matches against the Undertaker, the Macho Man Paris match (again) and a tag match with Jim Duggan against Slaughter and Iron Sheik
  • We receive the classics against King Kong Bundy and Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleManias
  • A JAPAN HOGAN MATCH! His match with Stan Hansen from the WWF - All Japan Wrestling Summit in April 1990 was included on this set, which was amazing and proof that Hogan could wrestle a decent match under the Japanese style
    This was just a great tape from top to bottom and when thinking of it's style, compares to the Chris Jericho DVD set that was released in September. Jericho gave us matches from every era of his career as did Hogan in this set. I recommend this tape and Hulkamania 4 from the Hulkamania series as tapes to watch 

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#15 - Looking at this Sunday's Extreme Rules

This Sunday is a reason why the WWE should really take more time in developing their PPV Schedule. As most readers are aware, this weekend also marks the UFC's biggest event ever, coming from the Skydome in Toronto. The UFC has also stacked the card with big time fights and reasons for buy the pay per view to watch both main events. GSP will face off with Jake Shields in a title bout which Dana White has stated "could be the last step to the dream GSP - Anderson Silva fight". The event will also host the final MMA fight of Randy Couture which is a big deal regardless how many times Couture has retired and returned to dominate.

Terry Funk > Randy Couture

However, this is not a mixed martial arts blog ... I am all about professional wrestling so let's look at the card for this Sunday's Extreme Rules

No Disqualification, No Count-Out, Loser Leaves SmackDown! Match:
Layla vs. Michelle McCool

This match won't be on par with Jack Brisco and Dory Funk Jr. back in 1976 but will serve a purpose. The feud has been building for a couple of months so that is nice. The fact they are blowing this off with one weeks notice is bad but manageable if it serves this purpose. I think whoever loses this match is going to get an extended hiatus from the WWE because if they wanted to move one of them, they would have drafted them to RAW. This theory leads me to believe that Michelle McCool is receiving time off. The Undertaker is home nursing injuries and they haven't really had time off together since their marriage last June so perhaps this is time for the happy power couple to have their honeymoon. Who knows, but this theory does led me to believe that Layla will be put over in this match

Winner: Layla

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

Back when discussing WrestleMania with some friends, we were all under the belief that Mysterio would make Rhodes the star of their Mania match but still win! This did not happen and we were surprised to see Rhodes win on the grandest stage of them all! The same can't be said about their rematch this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Mysterio will play the babyface that gets destroyed for most of the match and comes out on top, thus sending him to Monday Night RAW with momentum. Cody Rhodes will find a new feud on Smackdown with his career looking brighter than ever! Currently, depending on a Christian title win, I would pay to see a Rhodes - Christian World Title Feud!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole & Jack Swagger vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim Ross

One of the more intriguing matches on the card because the feud has nowhere left to go! It will kill itself if they continue the feud. This match has to be the blowoff which means the faces are getting this "come-uppance". It will be interesting to see how they save Swagger's credibility while having JR and King get over on Cole. The future of the announce tables is causing the intrigue of this match ... Are we seeing the return of JR to full time announcing? Has the WWE realized the audience is not enjoying the product and need something to bring us back? I think so

Last Man Standing Match:
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Personally, I've talked with friends that think Punk will lose this match but I am feeling the other way around! Last Man Standing/Death Match is a match that can easily allow interference costing a face the win! I predict Nexus or a SD heel to cost Orton this match and Punk will receive the big W!!! Let's just hope he gets booked the way he likes in the near future! Otherwise, we may be losing the greatest talker WWE has on their roster currently
Winner: CM Punk

Ladder Match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship:
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Where the WWE is going here is a mystery! I have two theories ...

1. Alberto Del Rio wins, bringing the World Heavyweight Championship to RAW and leading to a World Title Unification match at SummerSlam

2. Christian wins his first title, has an emotional moment with Edge and we see both World Titles continue on different brands

While a unification would be nice, I can't see it happening at SummerSlam ... seems too much like a WrestleMania worthy historical event so I am predicting a Christian win!

Winner: Christian

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship:
The Miz © vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison
I am curious about this match because of how close Over The Limit is ... meaning that they are not likely to build a new feud in three weeks ... Which leaves me to wonder if they will put the title back on Cena or let Miz carry it a couple more weeks? Miz has had a pretty long title reign, when you analyze it! He won it the night after Survivor Series and has held it since. How long has it been since a Champion have retained it at THREE Major PPVS (I am counting Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania). I do predict Cena to take the title this month and Miz getting his title shot at Over the Limit
Winner: John Cena

Closing Remarks

If you are looking for a different card than you paid for 29 days ago, you should not buy Extreme Rules! If you are looking for a PPV which may beat Mania in terms of quality, buy this event! Each match will receive more time than they did at Mania, thus making these matches shine through. I am watching tomorrow night's UFC either live or on Sunday before Extreme Rules with friends and some fast food ... I encourage you all to enjoy these events as we are looking for a great weekend in PPV sports!

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#14 - Wrestlers In Court?

I have not researched the charges brought against the Iron Sheik that this video was produced for, but this is something else! In the video which apparently aired for a judge in New York I believe where WWF Superstars break kayfabe to be character witnesses for Khosrow Varsi (maybe a spelling mistake but I'm happy with it). I actually believe that the Sheik's attorney is playing the role of Gene Okerlund in this video, which adds to the hilarious nature of the video. What follows is just pure wrestling fun! I hope you enjoy and please comment! I would love to hear some thoughts on this great video

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#13 - Top 5 Books/DVD's

A really short entry today because it's final exam time so time is hard to come by! On the suggestion of my friend Jon Parsons, who frequently comments here on the site, I will list off my Top 5 Wrestling Books and my Top 5 Wrestling DVD's!

  1. Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling
  2. Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks 
  3. A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex
  4. Bobby Heenan: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All
  5. Ric Flair: To Be The Man
Honorable Mention -> Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps

  1. The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection
  2. Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology
  3. The True Story of WrestleMania
  4. The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event
  5. Bret Hitman Hart: The Best There Is, Best There Was and Best There Ever Will Be

    Honorable Mention -> 
    The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect

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#12 - First Angle I Remember Watching On TV

I have been watching professional wrestling since 1991 when I was 2 years old. That's what I've been told but obviously, memories of that age are few and far between for myself. However, the first angle I can remember vividly watching was the Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Yokozuna contest on WWF Superstars!

Since debuting in the fall of 1992, Yokozuna had yet to been knocked off his feet! In the weeks leading up to this angle, Mr. Fuji had challenged any American to attempt to knock down Yokozuna ... Who's more American than Hacksaw Jim Duggan! The event was set for the following week as the video here shows that encounter!

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen or don't remember the angle but damn, it was good TV!

Watch for the closing shot! If that's not emotional wrestling, I don't know what is

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#11 - An Old School Approach That Can Help WWE Home Video

It's an old school idea that can be brought into the current product and can make money for the WWE. Most of us grew up on Coliseum Video! Going to the local video store and renting these tapes were an exciting time for us in years past. Coliseum Video, in addition to the PPV events and Profile VHS, would release collections of random matches and segments under a lame title. For example, "Crunch Classics", "Mega Matches" and "Rampage '91" were all releases from Coliseum Video in 1991-1992. These VHS offered comedy segments and never before seen matches! I own a good collection of these tapes and now can boast owning the first match between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels (from the VHS called Invasion 1992).

I would like to see these style of tapes return to the WWE and am going to list a sample card of matches as well as benefits of this release

There are NO CONS to this method, in my opinion, only Pros which I will outline in my ideas
  • It gives Matt Striker something to do in the company! He can be the host of this collection!
  • There is no added budget if they shoot these matches at RAW / Smack Down tapings! They can take place in place of dark matches
  • Gives the WWE the chance to release comedy segments that would bomb on RAW to the audience and test their reception to these segments
  • Commentary Dream Teams! At most, taping commentary for these matches would last two days at maximum! Would you buy a DVD knowing that you are going to hear Joey Styles return to commentary?How about Good Ol' JR? How about the pair of JR-Styles? JR-Striker? Striker-Styles? Hell, Lawler and JR could reunite for this collection! The best part ... It would only cost WWE two days work for this team!
  • THE MATCHES WOULD NOT REQUIRE A STORYLINE!!! So there would be no extra work for the creative staff
  • Because of no added budget for this taping, the DVD sales are PURE PROFIT!
  • Guys such as Rick Rude who may not require a full DVD release can get a portion of this DVD by having a Legends portion of the disc!

And now, my card for the first release of this series
  1. Daniel Bryan vs Evan Borne
  2. John Morrison vs Sheamus
  3. Gabriel and Slater vs Kozlov and Santino
  4. Eve vs Michelle McCool
  5. Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston
  6. Edge and Christian vs Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson
  7. Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio
  8. John Cena vs the Miz

    * Sure we have seen some of these matches countless times over the last few months but I believe we would still pay for NEVER BEFORE SEEN matches between these individuals where more time can be allotted to their matches thanks to this taping schedule!

    * If you tape two matches per taping, you will have them taped within a month! Which means these releases can be on shelves within TWO months! Quick, Profitable and Efficient!

    What do you readers think of that?

    I would also like to take this time to thank everybody for visiting this blog! When I started a month ago, I intended on this blog being somewhere my friends can come and read a detailed idea of mine about professional wrestling and to have International Visitors is amazing! I hope you enjoy the past blogs and in the future! I look forward to bringing you more "From the Gorilla Position"


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#10 - Greatest Heel Promo in Wrestling History!

This promo shows what a true heel should be in the wrestling business! Someone who makes you downright sick when watching them! Someone who causes to you to truly despise them! This promo shows why Jake Roberts should be working creatively with World WRESTLING Entertainment in some fashion, helping develop heels!

This promo was shot after the Tuesday in Texas PPV on December 3rd 1991. They had just shot the snake bite angle between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts a week prior. The Tuesday in Texas match between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage was quick but the angle that followed only intensified the angle. Randy was going to inflict permanent damage to Roberts with the ringside bell when Earl Hebner stopped him. As Hebner stopped Savage, Roberts hit a quick DDT on Savage, leading to Roberts toying with Savage. Roberts would then bring a black bag into the ring, supposedly carrying a Cobra. Elizabeth hit the ring to save Macho, much as she did when Honky Tonk Man was going to hit him with the guitar back in 1987. Roberts turned his attention to Elizabeth, forcing her to beg for Macho's safety. Jake responded by slapping Elizabeth across the face, an act unheard of in 1991. This is the promo that followed ...

Also note how great Gene Okerlund was in this promo! Another thing missing from today's WWE would be interviewers!

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#9 - A New WrestleMania Streak?

Steering away from the usual opinion blog, I'd like some comments from you, the readers!

Jesse Duggan, a buddy of mine, argues that the Miz is undefeated at WrestleMania's thanks to ...

1. His successful tag title defense last year with the Big Show against John Morrison and R-Truth
2. His successful WWE championship defense this year against John Cena

However, I argue that because he lost in the pre-show tag team titles unification match against the Colons at WrestleMania 25, he is 2-1

How do you guys see it? Has the Miz begun a new WrestleMania streak?

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#8 - 2012 Hall of Fame Class

WWE Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

Headliner - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (To Be Inducted By Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Co-Headliner - Mick Foley (To Be Inducted By Terry Funk)
*seeing that he has stated he will not resign with TNA this year*

Other Inductees
  • Ron Simmons (Inducted by John Bradshaw Layfield)
  • Arn Anderson (Inducted by Ricky Steamboat or Ric Flair, depending on availability)
  • Kevin "Diesel" Nash (Inducted by HBK)
  • Barry Windham (Inducted by I.R.S)
Celebrity Inductee - William Shatner (Inducted by Jerry "The King" Lawler)

Diva - Trish Stratus (Inducted by Lita)

With the main event of next year's WrestleMania already announced to be The Rock vs John Cena, they are looking for a big WrestleMania next year! They're going to have a great amount of media attention for this event, thanks to the Rock's return and it's location of Miami, Florida. The WWE will be counting on fans, both current and those who have lost interest, in buying this event for the historic moments it will deliver. These factors have influenced my decisions for the Class of 2012.

I'll give you a reason for each of my choices

Rock - This pick is a shoe-in for next year's WrestleMania. He will face off in the biggest match of the current generation the night after the event! It's in his hometown of Miami! It will also be the ten year anniversary of Hogan-Rock in the Sky dome. This one is a guarantee!

Foley - With the good relationship Foley has kept with the WWE, it seems that Foley will return to the WWE in some fashion once his contract ends with TNA. I predict that Foley will sign a deal with WWE similar to Kevin Nash, where he is "in the bullpen" if they ever need him for an appearance. Plus, Foley had a great career but I am unsure if he could headline a class, which might piss you off and allow some people to make comparisons that inducting Rock and Foley in the same class is like inducting Hogan and Piper in the same class. While Foley is a legend, I think he is the perfect co-headliner like Mr. Perfect was in 2007. Foley is a big star, a legend that is the perfect compliment to any class

Ron Simmons - He should have been inducted this year seeing he resides from Georgia but it does make sense to induct him in Florida due to his college football history in the state! A great addition to the Hall

Arn Anderson - The most overdue inductee of all time THAT is still with the company! It's almost as if the WWE shuns away their road agents from going into the Hall. It's as if they take the Agents for granted and always look outside for their Hall of Fame class. It took Dusty Rhodes two years to be apart of the Hall of Fame. It took Ricky Steamboat four years before they inducted him. Arn Anderson has been with the company since the WCW buyout! It's not like he doesn't deserve a spot (I just flashed back to his retirement speech and how he offered his spot in the Horsemen to Curt Hennig). He is a multi-time tag champion in WCW, 1 tag title run in WWF, the greatest WCW TV Champion in history AND was apart of the greatest stable in history ... You mean to tell me that doesn't warrant entry into the Hall of Fame alone (they rumored that he would be inducted only as part of the Horsemen, which is a damn shame)

Nash - Let's see ... He is a former WWF and WCW World Champion. He was the 3rd Triple Crown Winner in WWF History (three major titles, all of which occurred within 12 months). He was a founding member of the New World Order, a group who helped facilitate the Monday Night Wars, which rekindled the business! On top of his accolades, he has a renewed business relationship with the WWE and he is a close friend of Triple H and Vince McMahon ... The only question is why he wasn't inducted this year BUT I definitely see him going in next year!

Barry Windham - His story is similar to Arn Anderson. He had multiple reigns as a tag team champion in both the WWF and NWA/WCW. He is known as one of the best in-ring workers of his generation and spent a great amount of time wrestling in Florida. From what I know, he still holds a good relationship with the WWE so why not induct him into the class of 2012? All the elements are there for Windham as well!

Shatner - I would not have made this pick back in 2007 when Shatner was boo'ed mercifully off the stage at that year's ceremony for his induction speech for Jerry Lawler. However, he regained everybody's opinion last year when he hosted the February 1st edition of Monday Night Raw. With three great segments (Singing WWE Entrance Themes, RAW Match Negotiator, and his segment with Vince), he proved that he can be loved by the Wrestling audience. Unlike Drew Carey, he has made several appearances on WWE programming and would be a nice addition to the hall! I also believe that this would be the only time in Hall of Fame history that two people switched places in the Induction ceremony.

Trish Stratus - If they want to induct a diva every year now, how can you go with anybody but Trish Stratus after Sunny! Sure, Miss Elizabeth is still not in the Hall of Fame but that's only until 2013 hopefully! (Hint, I am predicting Macho Man for 2013). Trish was the most dominant diva in history, ruling the division from 2001 to 2006. Her inductor, Lita ... induction in 2013 as well!

These are my choices for the 2012 Hall of Fame. I'd love some comments, both positive and negative on my list!

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#7 - Why Dusty's Commentary Beats Booker T's

After discussing with Jon Parsons about the quality of Booker T's commentary skills, he argued that Booker can be compared to Dusty Rhodes in WCW ... well, this video proves why Dusty > Booker

#6 - How Jerry Lawler can get his rematch with Michael Cole

How Jerry Lawler can get Michael Cole back in the ring ... by re-recording this musical gem from the Memphis territory! Classic Wrestlecrap

#5 - WrestleMania 27

Bigger than Christmas ... Bigger than your first born ... It's WrestleMania weekend and another has passed by. Last Sunday was the 27th edition of the event and for what I was expecting, the card delivered the entertainment value. I write this blog the Tuesday after the event, so I do have to read the results again and then analyze which might lead to some different opinions. I will repost any differences I see come May 17th when the DVD is released here in Canada. Now, in the words of "Cowboy" Bill Watts, let's hook 'em up!

The World Championship Match
Edge vs Alberto Del Rio

First thing that should have been done would be an angle between Brodus Clay and
attendee Snoop Dogg. We were treated to Snoop Dogg later in the show to a talent search segment which ended with Hornswoggle's first words, but here would have been my angle ...

  • Alberto Del Rio spots Snoop in the front row and calls him into the ring and begins to trash talk him. 
  • Snoop throws a punch for Del Rio only to be stopped by Clay
  • Clay knocks Snoop to the ground and hits him with a splash
  • Snoop is carried from the ring and Clay looks like a monster!
The mainstream media would have eaten this up and they could have brought more attention to both Del Rio and Clay. It's what they paid Snooki for ... to get publicity for the event and this would have benefit both characters greatly in the long run thanks to the exposure.

Anyway, the match itself was a good match ... maybe not what we would usually expect from WrestleMania main events but this was the 2nd best match that the Smackdown brand could have delivered! The switch from spots between Christian - Clay to Edge - Del Rio was genius because it kept the match going at a very high energy pace, perfect to open a WrestleMania. The car segment that followed was okay, seeing that all cars are subject to be destroyed in WWE but from the looks of RAW last night, it's leading to a mean streak in Del Rio that could lead to the World Championship @ Extreme Rules

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

A great match in which the seasoned veteran Rey Mysterio and the old school Cody Rhodes told a great story. I didn't care too much for Mysterio wearing the protective mask but Rhodes' use of Mysterio's knee brace was great! I see this feud continuing on Smackdown and I look forward to return matches!

Did they even have the eight man tag team match involving the Corre? If they did, I must have missed it when I wrote a tweet about the event .... ONE TWEET!

Randy Orton vs CM Punk

I did not find this feud exciting until the knee angle started but did they deliver on WrestleMania. I am afraid however that this isn't the best match of their feud! Like last year with Rey Mysterio, the initial WrestleMania battle was the worse of their three match series and I see this feud being similar. When the blowoff comes either at Extreme Rules or Over the Limit, we will truly see a spectacular match

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

Sadly, from reading the match times on Wikipedia, this match was the 3rd longest on the event ... 3rd!!!! The only other matches to go longer were Orton-Punk and Cena-Miz, both of which were only longer by less than a minute! I have loved the Jerry Lawler nostalgia push but this match went too long and killed the momentum the show had built up! The same spots could have been done in six minutes and did the same purpose. I honestly can't believe they gave Cole the win!!! I hope Lawler suggested it, because otherwise, it was downright disgraceful. Today's fans would not see this disgrace as much as a fan like myself, who have studied tape and angles from the Memphis territory for years and have seen Jerry Lawler face off with every legend professional wrestling has to offer. Lawler should have won and killed the feud once and for all!

Did anybody else love that Stone Cold completely destroyed the PG rating at the event? You couldn't hear JR half the time because they were censoring Stone Cold and you know what? I am damn happy! Steve Austin is a legend who knows the business and knows that he sent fans home happy!

Undertaker vs Triple H ... Mat Classic!!

I really can't wait to go back and watch this match again and appreciate the story they told. Two legends who know the business and know what works! It was like watching De Niro and Pacino work together, and they created magic. I was very surprised to see the chair shot to the head of Taker that sounded like a gunshot but I guess you have those privileges when you are the Boss' son in law and the longest drawing star you have ever had! This match was amazing and a true WrestleMania moment.

Personally, I think they are going for either round 2 @ SummerSlam or WrestleMania next year. I think Triple H came too close not to warrant another match somewhere. Can you imagine next year at WrestleMania if they booked Undertaker-HHH again AND the announced main event of the Rock vs John Cena? Miami will be rocking next April! I know I am getting excited to the point of checking airfares to Miami!

Snooki, Trish Stratus, John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool

For the hype it delivered to WrestleMania, it deserved more time as well. I have always been a fan of Lay Cool and am glad to see them get this high profile match, even if I believe it could be leading to their breakup within the coming weeks! We did get a Rock-Cena style Diva's encounter between Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool which was great to see, followed by Snooki's participation. How many times have you seen that handspring elbow/ass bump botched? Snooki did it to perfection on Sunday, even to the point where I would sadly compare it to the Great Muta which some may consider blasphemousness. A match that had potential to be a show stealer as well, if given the right amount of time!

John Cena vs the Miz

This was not a WrestleMania main event! I am sorry, I like the Miz and I like John Cena but they just look awkward in the ring! I compare the matches to Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair only without the great work rate of Flair. Add this to the dount count-out false finish and the Rock's interference and you got a match that just boring to watch. Let's hope now that we see Cena out of the title picture while Miz has the title and see Miz move on into new feuds, such as with John Morrison.

Overall, the event was good, definitely not the worse WrestleMania event. The only real fault was the time of the Lawler - Cole match. It took time away from matches that could have used the time to become legendary moments! Like the metaphor that anybody can go in the hall of fame now that Koko B. Ware is inducted, any Wrestlemania is better than the eleventh event. Overall, a good show that sent fans home entertained!