Sunday, April 10, 2011

#12 - First Angle I Remember Watching On TV

I have been watching professional wrestling since 1991 when I was 2 years old. That's what I've been told but obviously, memories of that age are few and far between for myself. However, the first angle I can remember vividly watching was the Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Yokozuna contest on WWF Superstars!

Since debuting in the fall of 1992, Yokozuna had yet to been knocked off his feet! In the weeks leading up to this angle, Mr. Fuji had challenged any American to attempt to knock down Yokozuna ... Who's more American than Hacksaw Jim Duggan! The event was set for the following week as the video here shows that encounter!

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen or don't remember the angle but damn, it was good TV!

Watch for the closing shot! If that's not emotional wrestling, I don't know what is


  1. The first angle I can vaguely remember watching is a Jake Roberts/Rick Martel feud. It may be wrong but I think Snake was blinded by Martel's perfume? This lead to a blindman match? I may be mixing memories but I guess that's why it is my earliest wrestling memory.
    I think I may have watched it live, but there is no telling if I saw it recorded or not.

  2. Yes, it was on an episode of the Brother Love show in October 1990! Martel sprayed Roberts in the eyes with Arrogance, leading to Jake being blinded for two months and lead to their Blindfold Match at WrestleMania VII. Nice to know your first angle buddy!