Saturday, April 9, 2011

#11 - An Old School Approach That Can Help WWE Home Video

It's an old school idea that can be brought into the current product and can make money for the WWE. Most of us grew up on Coliseum Video! Going to the local video store and renting these tapes were an exciting time for us in years past. Coliseum Video, in addition to the PPV events and Profile VHS, would release collections of random matches and segments under a lame title. For example, "Crunch Classics", "Mega Matches" and "Rampage '91" were all releases from Coliseum Video in 1991-1992. These VHS offered comedy segments and never before seen matches! I own a good collection of these tapes and now can boast owning the first match between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels (from the VHS called Invasion 1992).

I would like to see these style of tapes return to the WWE and am going to list a sample card of matches as well as benefits of this release

There are NO CONS to this method, in my opinion, only Pros which I will outline in my ideas
  • It gives Matt Striker something to do in the company! He can be the host of this collection!
  • There is no added budget if they shoot these matches at RAW / Smack Down tapings! They can take place in place of dark matches
  • Gives the WWE the chance to release comedy segments that would bomb on RAW to the audience and test their reception to these segments
  • Commentary Dream Teams! At most, taping commentary for these matches would last two days at maximum! Would you buy a DVD knowing that you are going to hear Joey Styles return to commentary?How about Good Ol' JR? How about the pair of JR-Styles? JR-Striker? Striker-Styles? Hell, Lawler and JR could reunite for this collection! The best part ... It would only cost WWE two days work for this team!
  • THE MATCHES WOULD NOT REQUIRE A STORYLINE!!! So there would be no extra work for the creative staff
  • Because of no added budget for this taping, the DVD sales are PURE PROFIT!
  • Guys such as Rick Rude who may not require a full DVD release can get a portion of this DVD by having a Legends portion of the disc!

And now, my card for the first release of this series
  1. Daniel Bryan vs Evan Borne
  2. John Morrison vs Sheamus
  3. Gabriel and Slater vs Kozlov and Santino
  4. Eve vs Michelle McCool
  5. Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston
  6. Edge and Christian vs Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson
  7. Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio
  8. John Cena vs the Miz

    * Sure we have seen some of these matches countless times over the last few months but I believe we would still pay for NEVER BEFORE SEEN matches between these individuals where more time can be allotted to their matches thanks to this taping schedule!

    * If you tape two matches per taping, you will have them taped within a month! Which means these releases can be on shelves within TWO months! Quick, Profitable and Efficient!

    What do you readers think of that?

    I would also like to take this time to thank everybody for visiting this blog! When I started a month ago, I intended on this blog being somewhere my friends can come and read a detailed idea of mine about professional wrestling and to have International Visitors is amazing! I hope you enjoy the past blogs and in the future! I look forward to bringing you more "From the Gorilla Position"


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