Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#8 - 2012 Hall of Fame Class

WWE Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

Headliner - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (To Be Inducted By Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Co-Headliner - Mick Foley (To Be Inducted By Terry Funk)
*seeing that he has stated he will not resign with TNA this year*

Other Inductees
  • Ron Simmons (Inducted by John Bradshaw Layfield)
  • Arn Anderson (Inducted by Ricky Steamboat or Ric Flair, depending on availability)
  • Kevin "Diesel" Nash (Inducted by HBK)
  • Barry Windham (Inducted by I.R.S)
Celebrity Inductee - William Shatner (Inducted by Jerry "The King" Lawler)

Diva - Trish Stratus (Inducted by Lita)

With the main event of next year's WrestleMania already announced to be The Rock vs John Cena, they are looking for a big WrestleMania next year! They're going to have a great amount of media attention for this event, thanks to the Rock's return and it's location of Miami, Florida. The WWE will be counting on fans, both current and those who have lost interest, in buying this event for the historic moments it will deliver. These factors have influenced my decisions for the Class of 2012.

I'll give you a reason for each of my choices

Rock - This pick is a shoe-in for next year's WrestleMania. He will face off in the biggest match of the current generation the night after the event! It's in his hometown of Miami! It will also be the ten year anniversary of Hogan-Rock in the Sky dome. This one is a guarantee!

Foley - With the good relationship Foley has kept with the WWE, it seems that Foley will return to the WWE in some fashion once his contract ends with TNA. I predict that Foley will sign a deal with WWE similar to Kevin Nash, where he is "in the bullpen" if they ever need him for an appearance. Plus, Foley had a great career but I am unsure if he could headline a class, which might piss you off and allow some people to make comparisons that inducting Rock and Foley in the same class is like inducting Hogan and Piper in the same class. While Foley is a legend, I think he is the perfect co-headliner like Mr. Perfect was in 2007. Foley is a big star, a legend that is the perfect compliment to any class

Ron Simmons - He should have been inducted this year seeing he resides from Georgia but it does make sense to induct him in Florida due to his college football history in the state! A great addition to the Hall

Arn Anderson - The most overdue inductee of all time THAT is still with the company! It's almost as if the WWE shuns away their road agents from going into the Hall. It's as if they take the Agents for granted and always look outside for their Hall of Fame class. It took Dusty Rhodes two years to be apart of the Hall of Fame. It took Ricky Steamboat four years before they inducted him. Arn Anderson has been with the company since the WCW buyout! It's not like he doesn't deserve a spot (I just flashed back to his retirement speech and how he offered his spot in the Horsemen to Curt Hennig). He is a multi-time tag champion in WCW, 1 tag title run in WWF, the greatest WCW TV Champion in history AND was apart of the greatest stable in history ... You mean to tell me that doesn't warrant entry into the Hall of Fame alone (they rumored that he would be inducted only as part of the Horsemen, which is a damn shame)

Nash - Let's see ... He is a former WWF and WCW World Champion. He was the 3rd Triple Crown Winner in WWF History (three major titles, all of which occurred within 12 months). He was a founding member of the New World Order, a group who helped facilitate the Monday Night Wars, which rekindled the business! On top of his accolades, he has a renewed business relationship with the WWE and he is a close friend of Triple H and Vince McMahon ... The only question is why he wasn't inducted this year BUT I definitely see him going in next year!

Barry Windham - His story is similar to Arn Anderson. He had multiple reigns as a tag team champion in both the WWF and NWA/WCW. He is known as one of the best in-ring workers of his generation and spent a great amount of time wrestling in Florida. From what I know, he still holds a good relationship with the WWE so why not induct him into the class of 2012? All the elements are there for Windham as well!

Shatner - I would not have made this pick back in 2007 when Shatner was boo'ed mercifully off the stage at that year's ceremony for his induction speech for Jerry Lawler. However, he regained everybody's opinion last year when he hosted the February 1st edition of Monday Night Raw. With three great segments (Singing WWE Entrance Themes, RAW Match Negotiator, and his segment with Vince), he proved that he can be loved by the Wrestling audience. Unlike Drew Carey, he has made several appearances on WWE programming and would be a nice addition to the hall! I also believe that this would be the only time in Hall of Fame history that two people switched places in the Induction ceremony.

Trish Stratus - If they want to induct a diva every year now, how can you go with anybody but Trish Stratus after Sunny! Sure, Miss Elizabeth is still not in the Hall of Fame but that's only until 2013 hopefully! (Hint, I am predicting Macho Man for 2013). Trish was the most dominant diva in history, ruling the division from 2001 to 2006. Her inductor, Lita ... induction in 2013 as well!

These are my choices for the 2012 Hall of Fame. I'd love some comments, both positive and negative on my list!


  1. I guess you have the Freebirds for 2013 as well?
    Sounds like an excellent list, we would only be so lucky to see one this good.

    While Foley is the perfect complimentary headliner, would you stack the rest of the list with such big names.
    Rock and Foley, R&S connection could carry the class and save Nash, Arn, and Windham for another year. Although it would be good to get Arn and Barry in before the Horsemen go in.

    I know you are dying to see another JBL induction speech (me too! haha) but maybe Teddy Long would fit the role as well?

    And put Lita off for later years. If she goes in 2013, then you have Liz and her.

    As for celebrities, I agree with Shatner. We all loved his work on Raw. But to me, the biggest name who deserves to be in the HOF (besides MR T) is Cyndi Lauper.

    Great list.

  2. Maybe Lawrence Taylor should go in as a celebrity! I mean, he has no bad press on him right now, does he?!?

  3. Does this mean we have to wait until 2013 for Randy Savage??

    I agree with most of the picks, but I also agree with Jon on the celebrity. Cyndi Lauper should have been in years ago, certainly before Drew Carey. Or maybe Bob Barker?

  4. Trust Me, I'd love to see Macho go into the Hall of Fame in 2012 but I really wouldn't want to see him be inducted the same year they plan to induct Rock (which seems like a given now)

    Everybody is predicting Toronto will play host to WrestleMania 29 and they will induct Edge and Trish Stratus. I feel that Dallas will be the host of WM 29 ... it's the only reason I figure out why the Freebirds were not inducted this past year! I think Macho Man will be in the Hall within three years! Maybe they will wait until WM 330 in Madison Square Garden ... Biggest WM in history having the Biggest, Most Anticipated Hall of Fame Induction in history!

    As for Celebrities, I do agree with you and Jon feeling that Cyndi Lauper should be inducted, years ago. Same thing with Mr. T. Mr. T is angry about Pete Rose being inducted before him. If only Mr. T could realize the reasoning WWE had. They wanted to capitalize on Pete Rose's autobiography released in 2004 where he admitted to gambling on MLB Games. Also, it would have been a better fit for Mr. T for his induction to come @ WM 21 where they inducted the other men involved in Mania's first main event!

    Lauper should have been inducted that year or in recent years thanks to her popularity on Celebrity Apprentice. I think she'll get her praise in the next three years as well

  5. Thanks for commenting and reading my blog, I really appreciate your time. I do apologize for no new blogs in 2 weeks, have been busy moving home from School. I am writing on "Extreme Rules" currently, should be up in a couple days

  6. i think arn anderson is way over due hope he gets in 2012.years ago....he was my favorite in the nwa i remember the original 4 horsemen for me there has yet to be anything to compare with them.

  7. Arn Anderson is way, way, WAY over due! No doubt about it! Funny you mention about the NWA because I actually recently got the original NWA VHS release of the first two War Games matches (From Atlanta's Omni and from Miami's Orange Bowl) which was really the height of the Horsemen! Those matches showed how great the Horsemen were in that era!

    Arn Anderson should have been inducted this year! It had all the right elements for his induction. The event was in Atlanta where Arn made his name in pro wrestling and he actually was born and raised in a small town outside of Atlanta called Rome, Georgia. Everything was perfect but the WWE failed to recognize him yet again! He should have been inducted in Orlando with Ric Flair, similar to how I have the Rock and Foley as induction picks for next year!

    The WWE dropped the ball again by not inducting him this year ... hopefully they will eventually realize that Arn was one of the greatest in-ring workers of the Modern Era