Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#5 - WrestleMania 27

Bigger than Christmas ... Bigger than your first born ... It's WrestleMania weekend and another has passed by. Last Sunday was the 27th edition of the event and for what I was expecting, the card delivered the entertainment value. I write this blog the Tuesday after the event, so I do have to read the results again and then analyze which might lead to some different opinions. I will repost any differences I see come May 17th when the DVD is released here in Canada. Now, in the words of "Cowboy" Bill Watts, let's hook 'em up!

The World Championship Match
Edge vs Alberto Del Rio

First thing that should have been done would be an angle between Brodus Clay and
attendee Snoop Dogg. We were treated to Snoop Dogg later in the show to a talent search segment which ended with Hornswoggle's first words, but here would have been my angle ...

  • Alberto Del Rio spots Snoop in the front row and calls him into the ring and begins to trash talk him. 
  • Snoop throws a punch for Del Rio only to be stopped by Clay
  • Clay knocks Snoop to the ground and hits him with a splash
  • Snoop is carried from the ring and Clay looks like a monster!
The mainstream media would have eaten this up and they could have brought more attention to both Del Rio and Clay. It's what they paid Snooki for ... to get publicity for the event and this would have benefit both characters greatly in the long run thanks to the exposure.

Anyway, the match itself was a good match ... maybe not what we would usually expect from WrestleMania main events but this was the 2nd best match that the Smackdown brand could have delivered! The switch from spots between Christian - Clay to Edge - Del Rio was genius because it kept the match going at a very high energy pace, perfect to open a WrestleMania. The car segment that followed was okay, seeing that all cars are subject to be destroyed in WWE but from the looks of RAW last night, it's leading to a mean streak in Del Rio that could lead to the World Championship @ Extreme Rules

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

A great match in which the seasoned veteran Rey Mysterio and the old school Cody Rhodes told a great story. I didn't care too much for Mysterio wearing the protective mask but Rhodes' use of Mysterio's knee brace was great! I see this feud continuing on Smackdown and I look forward to return matches!

Did they even have the eight man tag team match involving the Corre? If they did, I must have missed it when I wrote a tweet about the event .... ONE TWEET!

Randy Orton vs CM Punk

I did not find this feud exciting until the knee angle started but did they deliver on WrestleMania. I am afraid however that this isn't the best match of their feud! Like last year with Rey Mysterio, the initial WrestleMania battle was the worse of their three match series and I see this feud being similar. When the blowoff comes either at Extreme Rules or Over the Limit, we will truly see a spectacular match

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

Sadly, from reading the match times on Wikipedia, this match was the 3rd longest on the event ... 3rd!!!! The only other matches to go longer were Orton-Punk and Cena-Miz, both of which were only longer by less than a minute! I have loved the Jerry Lawler nostalgia push but this match went too long and killed the momentum the show had built up! The same spots could have been done in six minutes and did the same purpose. I honestly can't believe they gave Cole the win!!! I hope Lawler suggested it, because otherwise, it was downright disgraceful. Today's fans would not see this disgrace as much as a fan like myself, who have studied tape and angles from the Memphis territory for years and have seen Jerry Lawler face off with every legend professional wrestling has to offer. Lawler should have won and killed the feud once and for all!

Did anybody else love that Stone Cold completely destroyed the PG rating at the event? You couldn't hear JR half the time because they were censoring Stone Cold and you know what? I am damn happy! Steve Austin is a legend who knows the business and knows that he sent fans home happy!

Undertaker vs Triple H ... Mat Classic!!

I really can't wait to go back and watch this match again and appreciate the story they told. Two legends who know the business and know what works! It was like watching De Niro and Pacino work together, and they created magic. I was very surprised to see the chair shot to the head of Taker that sounded like a gunshot but I guess you have those privileges when you are the Boss' son in law and the longest drawing star you have ever had! This match was amazing and a true WrestleMania moment.

Personally, I think they are going for either round 2 @ SummerSlam or WrestleMania next year. I think Triple H came too close not to warrant another match somewhere. Can you imagine next year at WrestleMania if they booked Undertaker-HHH again AND the announced main event of the Rock vs John Cena? Miami will be rocking next April! I know I am getting excited to the point of checking airfares to Miami!

Snooki, Trish Stratus, John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool

For the hype it delivered to WrestleMania, it deserved more time as well. I have always been a fan of Lay Cool and am glad to see them get this high profile match, even if I believe it could be leading to their breakup within the coming weeks! We did get a Rock-Cena style Diva's encounter between Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool which was great to see, followed by Snooki's participation. How many times have you seen that handspring elbow/ass bump botched? Snooki did it to perfection on Sunday, even to the point where I would sadly compare it to the Great Muta which some may consider blasphemousness. A match that had potential to be a show stealer as well, if given the right amount of time!

John Cena vs the Miz

This was not a WrestleMania main event! I am sorry, I like the Miz and I like John Cena but they just look awkward in the ring! I compare the matches to Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair only without the great work rate of Flair. Add this to the dount count-out false finish and the Rock's interference and you got a match that just boring to watch. Let's hope now that we see Cena out of the title picture while Miz has the title and see Miz move on into new feuds, such as with John Morrison.

Overall, the event was good, definitely not the worse WrestleMania event. The only real fault was the time of the Lawler - Cole match. It took time away from matches that could have used the time to become legendary moments! Like the metaphor that anybody can go in the hall of fame now that Koko B. Ware is inducted, any Wrestlemania is better than the eleventh event. Overall, a good show that sent fans home entertained!

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