Friday, April 8, 2011

#10 - Greatest Heel Promo in Wrestling History!

This promo shows what a true heel should be in the wrestling business! Someone who makes you downright sick when watching them! Someone who causes to you to truly despise them! This promo shows why Jake Roberts should be working creatively with World WRESTLING Entertainment in some fashion, helping develop heels!

This promo was shot after the Tuesday in Texas PPV on December 3rd 1991. They had just shot the snake bite angle between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts a week prior. The Tuesday in Texas match between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage was quick but the angle that followed only intensified the angle. Randy was going to inflict permanent damage to Roberts with the ringside bell when Earl Hebner stopped him. As Hebner stopped Savage, Roberts hit a quick DDT on Savage, leading to Roberts toying with Savage. Roberts would then bring a black bag into the ring, supposedly carrying a Cobra. Elizabeth hit the ring to save Macho, much as she did when Honky Tonk Man was going to hit him with the guitar back in 1987. Roberts turned his attention to Elizabeth, forcing her to beg for Macho's safety. Jake responded by slapping Elizabeth across the face, an act unheard of in 1991. This is the promo that followed ...

Also note how great Gene Okerlund was in this promo! Another thing missing from today's WWE would be interviewers!


  1. i love this pick! don't let Ric Flair read this, though! ha

  2. I don't understand, why would Flair be mad over this pick?