Monday, June 25, 2012

#24 - Why I enjoy Chikara's brand of Pro Wrestling

... because it's good old fashion fun in professional wrestling! It's not meant to be taken 100% serious and you can tell the wrestlers are enjoying it as much as the fans! This video is from the Chikara event "It's How You Play The Game" in March 2012! These two wrestlers here, Chuck Taylor and Archibald Peck are two of my reasons for watching Chikara! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Chikara is great. I went to my first live show back in April. Actually got to see two shows that weekend. I wish they were more mainstream, but then I wonder if that magic would be lost.

    1. First of all, thank you for following my blog! I just bookmarked your blog to read now and will follow you!

      I had first heard of Chikara after they brought in One Man Gang and Demolition as Team WWF back at King of Trios 2008 but it wasn't until a friend of mine (who actually was at King of Trios this year and a follower of this blog,jejparsons) started becoming an avid indy wrestling fan and would tell me about Chikara. My first event I started watching was last year's Chikarasauras Rex! We watched it together and I told him I would be honest! I loved the Del Ray-Claudio Castagnoli match and the European style tag team match. I began watching and have been loving the product! High Noon was one of the best events I watched last year!

      I have the opinion that Chikara could work in a mainstream world, could make for interesting television because of their creative story lines and comic book style, but I think I agree with some of the magic would be lost! We are the Chikara Army because we are proud to support the company and because we will watch it grow! I hope they put out more iPPVs and make those wrestlers make money but I hope they stay small as well! Keep their niche market and reep the benefits!