Monday, February 11, 2013

#29 - Let Wrestlers Be Wrestlers

I have posted above the 2012 SummerSlam music video that the WWE put together promoting the event which I believe played mostly through social media. I remember watching this last summer and thinking to myself that the video showcased what was good about pro wrestling.

In this video, we have pro wrestlers being pro wrestlers! They are allowing their own personalities to shine (Daniel Bryan is pure gold in this video) which adds so much to their characters. Today, I feel that the creative team has too much control over the product. Why does the creative team have to write promos? Why do the talent be given the ability to add dimensions to their own characters? If a person uses their own ideas, they are much more committed to the task. Let's start letting pro wrestlers be pro wrestlers!

It worked for Dolph Ziggler who wouldn't be near the level he is now without appearing on Zack Ryder's Z True Long Island Story. Without Ryder, Ziggler would be still portrayed as the "new Mr. Perfect" when now we are now comparing his rise to Shawn Michaels

Daniel Bryan was floundering in the mid card until turning heel in early 2012 and being allowed to let his personality to show through the Yes/No chants and Dr. Shelby segments with Kane. The wrestler once known as the American Dragon and for "kicking in fucking heads" is now wanting to be called the Dazzler? Bryan showed that you can be a great wrestler while also entertaining which is something we might not have seen since Ric Flair and his outlandish personality of the '80s

The Ringmaster floundered until he submitted an idea to creative for a cold-hearted ruthless man who showed no emotion. Eventually, we were given Stone Cold Steve Austin who was his personality exaggerated. Steve Austin actually drinks beer, drives a pickup truck, enjoys using colorful language and is a redneck from Texas.

These three examples show that wrestlers being themselves have worked in the past and present so why not allow other wrestlers this chance? Mick Foley has stated that he felt the Attitude Era (arguably the most profitable era in pro wrestling history) started when Vince McMahon gave a speech about wrestlers having to inject more of themselves into their characters. Actually, Foley really can attribute the success of his WWE career largely to his series of interviews with Jim Ross back in June 1997 where he interwove his personal history (Dude Love & his desire for attention as a teenager) into how the Mankind character came to be in his head.

In closing, I have given four good examples of where wrestlers were allowed to be themselves and were successful. The music video included with this post proves that there is a wealth of charisma and untapped comedy in the WWE locker room just looking for the opportunity to be showcased weekly. Why not lighten the workload of the creative team and allow them to focus strictly on story line progression! Let's start seeing wrestlers make the best of their chance and their characters! Lets start letting wrestlers be wrestlers and watch the product we receive every week! I thank you very much for reading!

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