Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#20 - WrestleMania : One Last Stand?

Good afternoon, wrestling fans!

I am using my 20th blog to help a friend of mine out who has just started his own blog receive some viewership! Billy has created "Shooting on Pro Wrestling: Past, Present and Future" and can be seen at ...


As an example of some of the great blog ideas Billy is currently thinking of, I bring to you my comment to his most recent blog. He wanted viewers to comment on a dream WrestleMania card that could only be booked using deceased wrestlers. While our cards differed, it became fun to sit down and think about pro wrestling at it's finest!

Here was my card and be sure to visit his blog and read his card!

Announcer: Gorilla Monsoon
Color Commentator: Chris Candido (who was full of charisma, could work like Bobby Heenan)
Backstage Interviewer: Lord Alfred Hayes

1. Owen Hart vs the British Bulldog

2. Battle of the Big Men
Road Warrior Hawk vs Dino Bravo

3. Yokozuna vs Crash Holly

4. Ravishing Rick Rude vs Bam Bam Bigalow

5. Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch (Faces) vs "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Terry Gordy (Heels)

6. Eddie Guerrero vs Brian Pillman

7. Andre The Giant vs Big Boss Man

8. MAIN EVENT!!!!!
Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs Mr. Perfect

That would be my card bud, I am gonna post my card on my blog and place a link there to your blog! You are welcome for the promotion!

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