Friday, June 17, 2011

#21 - 5 Things I'd Like To See Done After Capitol Punishment!

This has nothing that will benefit this blog but I am about to shamelessly plug a WWE DVD. I currently watching the WWE's newest release, the Very Best of WCW Nitro. While I do not have it finished in full, it does seem like a good release. I am currently streaming it before purchasing the DVD and so far, I am happy with the product WWE has produced and would recommend it to others who are fans of this era in professional wrestling!

Now, today's topic for the blog would be 5 things I would like to see the WWE do after this Sunday's Capitol Punishment pay per view!

1. Have the Punk-Mysterio determine the No.1 Contender to the WWE Championship

I really can't complain that these two are having another pay per view match because the quality of matches they have had in the last two years have been outstanding. To my knowledge, this is their fifth singles match on PPV since Armageddon 2008. I think if this match was to determine the No.1 Contender would add to this match. It would make Punk and Mysterio both seem to have a higher position on the card just by their association with the WWE Championship picture as currently the Miz is the only other star that feels like they are in the main event level. R-Truth may be on the rise but this is his first main event and the main event scene needs guys who are credible to take the title at any moment as that is where Wrestling gets its suspense from. This would also allow them to write Punk off in July, which seems like their current plan, at the Money in the Bank PPV in Chicago!

2. Making AJ and Kelly Kelly the faces of the Diva Division!

While Kelly Kelly has been slated to be the face of the division currently, I think that Kelly Kelly doesn't have the skill to lead a division like Trish Stratus did in the early 2000's! I think AJ could be the perfect supplement to Kelly's character and vice versa. Both girls are presented in similar roles right now ... they have cute personalities yet exciting to watch in the ring. As a red-blooded man's man, I will also point out how are incredibly sexy but not in a slutty way! which worked perfect in the new PG era of the WWE. In retrospective, the WWE's Diva division was at it's finest when they had two Diva Stars ... what were their names again? OH Trish Stratus and Lita! I think this would benefit the division right now, having them built to defeat the Bella Twins later this year, only to have a heel Kharma return next year to destroy both AJ and Kelly Kelly! The storylines are simple yet play themselves out!

3. Zack Ryder 

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I believe that the Ryder Revolution is noticed by WWE Creative and they are building towards his ultimate push! How can they not notice it? They booked him on RAW every week other than the week they are in his hometown. Why? It's not because they want him to remain a heel because they paired him with John Cena in all his previous RAW segments. It's not because he's not a good worker as he had a great match with Kofi two weeks ago on RAW. I feel the WWE is just letting the popularity rise and rise, with his "broskis" (which I am a big part of) just loving him more for being the underdog. It's time to let the Ryder Revolution begin ... I don't want to see him go right into the main event or even the U.S. title scene. He doesn't need a title run currently, he just needs the chance to show his personality to the audience without any restrictions and let them decide if Zack Ryder is "the next big thing" in WWE

4. A Summer of Legends 

Wrestling fans love legends! It's a proven fact that we love seeing the stars of yesteryear! We jumped in joy when Michael Hayes came out on SuperStars as Tyson Kidd's manager. We never missed a minute of last Monday's Piper's Pit. What I propose is that the WWE should book legends on the show every week just for the surprise factor, making RAW seem less formulaic. Why not have Superfly show up with Tamina every now again? Why not have Sunny show up one week to referee a Diva's match? The possibilities are endless and will all be received  positively. It would be loved by superstars who get to see their childhood favorites and the legends will love being loved so much. I know that some may feel this takes away from the return of Old School Raw coming up in the fall but I don't think it will, I think it will only "wet the appetite" of the audience for that show.

I am promoting WrestleMania here only because it has the Hall of Fame ceremony from this year, where Sunny became the youngest inductee to the Hall.

5. The Return of Managers

We are in the process of seeing this come about right now, with Tyson Kidd having a different manager every week on SuperStars. I would like to see this emphasis start after this Sunday, perhaps even on Sunday with Ezekiel Jackson debuting a new mouthpiece when he defeats Wade Barrett. Some guys need managers, that has always been proven in pro wrestling. Some of the greatest talents in wrestling had managers. It just adds so much to their characters and their matches. This is one idea I am really excited about!


I am really excited for the WWE's summer programming as it is always filled with excitement leading up until SummerSlam in August. We are pretty much guaranteed one RAW appearance of the Rock to help further the main event of WrestleMania 28. We are almost guaranteed to see a star debut or return to the company and we are guaranteed a great PPV at Money in the Bank. I love the summertime in WWE and hope that these ideas I have posted here will become real on WWE programming

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